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The Moab Bracelet-  For sale in my Etsy Shop : )

Moab Bracelet

© Sarah McCay and (Artistic) Trial and Error, 2010.

The Moab Bracelet is a beautifully beaded piece with rich earthy colors (hand beaded by me!)

This bracelet was inspired by the American Southwest, namely Moab, Utah. Each bead speaks to the character of the town, whether it be the bright blue sky, the pale yellow of the nearby Navajo Sandstone, or the deep red of the red rock canyons.

The perfect gift for the the girl in your life that loves the outdoors.. or the perfect gift for yourself, if that’s you!

I made this bracelet to comfortably fit a 5in to 7in wrist. Bracelet can be made to fit any size wrist. Just let me know!


Ok, So I originally wanted to open an Etsy shop to sell my paintings and photographs, but I think I love making jewelry also! Last night I was determined to make a bracelet, this creative urge came out of nowhere. When that happens I can’t just ignore it, so  I went to the craft store and bought the necessary items it would take to start making jewelry. A few hours later and I’ve got an inventory of 10 bracelets!

Don’t worry, paintings and photography will soon be available on my shop as well : )


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Room with a View

© Sarah McCay and (Artistic) Trial and Error, 2010.

Lately I’ve been really into processing my photographs so that they have that vintage, retro feel. This image is from Snowbird mountain in Utah. I set my (old) camera on a pile of snow and just went for it. Luckily, that old camera was pretty resilient, but I don’t recommend putting any camera in the snow, unless its waterproof (which that one was not.) But how could Alexi and I sit at that unbelievable peak and not document it? I had to take the chance. It worked out for that shot, but that camera is since long gone.

Today is Alexi’s birthday- Happy Birthday Alexi!! I chose to work on this photo in honor of Alexi, her birthday, and our friendship. (Now she should move back to New York because Connecticut is too far away. Do you hear me Dale?)

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Delicate Arch

© Sarah McCay and (Artistic) Trial and Error, 2010.

That’s right. Another photograph from my trip to Utah. This is Delicate Arch located in Arches National Park near Moab, Utah.

It’s been a busy week. I really don’t remember what I did on Monday after work, but anyway.. One of my 2 really great roommates is moving to Maryland, (I’ll miss you Stacie!!) so last night we met with a new potential roommate who seems very sweet. Tonight I started a Potter’s Wheel class with Joe (which we signed up for this afternoon) leaving me hardly anytime to work on a brand new project (other than the 2 pots I threw on the wheel!) Tomorrow night I’m taking my cousin, Kate, to dinner for her birthday.. we’re having Greek food.. my favorite. And I feel like I have some sort of obligation on Friday, but I couldn’t tell you what that is at this point in my life. I need to go to sleep.

Am I providing you with explanations or excuses? Is there a difference between those 2 words?

I chose to work on this image because of the name of that arch, Delicate Arch. Most things in this world are delicate. Tonight it was the mug I was building on my potter’s wheel, this morning it was the zipper on my jacket, and this afternoon I was reminded how delicate life is. We should all be thankful for the blessings in our life.

I am incredibly thankful for all of the amazing people I love, whether you’re here in NY or anywhere else in the world.

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Mountains Through Here

© Sarah McCay and (Artistic) Trial and Error, 2010. 

Shoot I need to go to sleep. I’ll explain this image tomorrow! goodnight.. 

I wasn’t feeling very creative when I started shooting for this project. I spent a good hour looking around the room for inspiration. Finally, (and just in time to save me from getting overly discouraged) my eyes rested on Matt’s closet doors. Immediately, a lightbulb went off in my head and I started setting up a shot pointing directly at the open closet. Before he could question my sanity I assured him that “this will be good” and “you have no idea what’s in your closet.” 

Once I got a decent image of myself peering into Matt’s coat closet I loaded the images onto my computer and began the Photoshop process. As I worked we were watching as Olympic gold medalist, Shaun White, completed an outrageous and unbelievable run on the halfpipe. 

Inspired by the Olympic champion, I chose to gaze out at the mountains. The Wasatch mountains to be exact. I snapped this shot from Hidden Peak (11,000ft) at Snowbird Mountain during my unforgettable trip to Utah with Alexi. Our trip was last April and I am still raving about it to this day (and I will continue to do so for a long, long time.) 

To me, this image represents my trip and how I love to look back and remember every detail of it. Alexi and I saw a beautiful part of this country and met wonderful people along the way. 


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I decided to experiment in Gimp- a free photo editing program that is somewhat similar to Photoshop. This is was what I came up with.

Salt Lake City

View over Salt Lake City, UT

© Sarah McCay and (Artistic) Trial and Error, 2010.

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