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©Sarah McCay & A Lost Feather, 2010

This is a new line I’m working on! It’s an original acrylic painting on a wooden plaque, ready to hang. The plaque measures 6in in diameter by 1/2in thick. I’m going to be making plaques for a bunch of states and countries, but I am accepting custom orders right now if you want a state that I haven’t gotten to yet!


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100 Things

Does anyone else keep an ever-changing, ever-growing list of all the things they want to do in life?

I’m always losing the little scraps of paper that I keep my “100 Things” lists on, so I’m going to post them here on my blog for safekeeping.

I’m also going to play catchup on the “things” I’ve accomplished so far by posting a bit about each of those things…

100 Things (in no specific order)

1. See all 50 states

2. Road trip across the USA

3. Summit Mount Marcy in New York

4. Have coffee in Seattle

5. Road trip across Canada

6. Ride a horse in Wyoming

7. Ride a bike on the beach

8. Donate 10 inches of my hair

9. Drive a convertible

10. Start my own business

11. Sell a piece of artwork

12. Be commissioned for a piece of artwork

13. Open an Etsy Shop

14. Go on a trip in an RV

15. Camp on the Colorado River

16. Snowboard in Utah

17. Go behind the scenes at a NASCAR race

18. Graduate from College

19. Go to a drive-in movie

20. Go spelunking

21. Photograph wildlife in Yellowstone National Park

22. Buy Cowgirl boots in Arizona

23. Go to a winery in California

24. Go deep-sea fishing

25. Go kayaking

26. Bike 25 miles

27. Have potatoes in Idaho

28. Backpack around Europe

29. Be in 4 places at once (the 4 corners!)

30. Go to a College Basketball Game

31. Go to a ML Baseball game outside of NY

32. Go to a Yankee game

33. Go to a Giants game

34. Show my artwork in a gallery

35. Open a brick and mortar boutique dedicated to local art

36. Visit family in Ireland

37. Visit family in Colombia

38. Have lobster in Maine

39. Go hiking in Glacier National Park, Montana

40. Gamble in Las Vegas

41. Drive along Route 66 in New Mexico

42. Give someone directions in Manhattan (the right directions.. because I’ve definitely given people incorrect directions by mistake. I’m just as turned around there as someone from the other side of the world!)

43. Play 18 holes of golf

44. Witness Aurora Borealis

45. Go to a fashion show

46. Go hiking along the Oregon coast

47.  See a concert in the Grand Ole Oprey

48. Get married

49. Cruise to Mexico

50. Hike around the Grand Canyon

51. Drive over 100 mph

52. Touch Abe Lincoln’s nose for good luck (Lincoln Tomb memorial Springfield, IL)

53. Go to the top of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MS

54. Work in Corporate America

55. Quit my job in Corporate America

56. Go on an all day horseback ride through Yellowstone National Park

57. Be a Maid of Honor

58. Have southern BBQ in the south

59. Photograph star trails

60. Be the “featured seller” on Etsy

61. Go rock climbing

62. Have a baby

63. Hug a giant sequoia tree

64. Bake an apple pie

65. Go to the Big E!

66. Write a book

67. See The David

68. Learn to speak Spanish

69. Learn how to play the guitar (actually play it- not just play “Blackbird” over and over)

70. Ride a camel in the desert

71. Go parasailing

72. Go snorkeling

73. Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC

74. Go on a trip by myself

75. Be in a commercial

76. Learn to cook

77. Get a dachshund and name him Boo Radley

78. Ride a motorcycle (as a passenger totally count)

79. Stand at the highest point in each state

80. Complete a 365 photo project

81. Get 1000 sales on Etsy

82. Be a “morning person”

83. Go to a taping of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

84. Hike Breakneck Ridge in NY

85. Go hiking alone

86. Ride in a hot air balloon

87. Surprise someone

88. Take a cooking class

89. Visit Machu Picchu

90. See the Christmas tree in Manhattan

91. Visit 10 National Parks

92. Have a successful craft fair

93. Be featured in some sort of printed material

94. Own a house

95. Do a self portrait in public

96. Meet a famous person

97. Stay in a log cabin

98. Camp in Yosemite National Park

99. Visit a rain forest

100. Climb a mountain that’s over 10,000ft.

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The Journal Necklace

© Sarah McCay & A Lost Feather, 2010

I love the travel journal necklace.. it’s my favorite piece to make. Actually, it’s a tedious and aggravating thing to make, but the end result is so beautiful that I can forgive the process.

When I have some time I’d really like to make one for myself.. Mine will feature Banff, Canada. I don’t know why but I need to go there. I don’t know much about it, I just saw 1 picture in “Backpacker” magazine a couple of years ago and now I won’t be able to get it out of my mind until I’ve been there.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? What would be on your Travel Journal Necklace?

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I wanted this to be Project #100 because I think it’s the greatest thing ever, but alas.. here is project #99…

© Sarah McCay and A Lost Feather, 2010.

This little handmade journal necklace can be customized to feature your favorite City, Town, etc. I’ve used “Montreal” as an example. I thought this would be fun to have especially while traveling… You can jot down a few notes or memories as you go : )

If you’re interested in having your own Travel Journal Necklace, click HERE to see it in my Etsy shop!

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Traveling Artwork

My artwork is getting to travel to 1 state and 1 country that I have never been to before! Today I had Etsy orders from Colorado and the United Arab Emirates!

I am feeling a lot better since my hard drive disaster yesterday. These 2 wonderful sales along with a slew of cupcakes made me very happy.. : )

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Where in the World?


-Yellowstone National Park

I want to go back to Yellowstone right now. It was perfect. I loved every minute of being there- from the 8 hr horseback ride to the hikes among the hot springs. Perfect.

Anyone interested?- lets go!


Mammoth Hot Springs

(Above and Below Images)

Mammoth Hot Springs. The 3rd thing we saw in the park after arriving around 7pm. The first thing we saw were 2 female elk walking along the side of the road followed by 2 mountain goats walking along an almost vertical cliff 30 feet from us. Luckily for us it doesn’t get dark out there until around 10pm, so we had plenty of sunlight left to explore.

The hot springs were pretty unbelievable. They looked completely unnatural, but they’re not. It’s so strange. I loved seeing elk and buffalo graze near the smoking hot springs and colorful “artist’s paint pots.”

Sulfur Sunset

Smokey Springs

(Above Image)

We almost missed this. It was getting darker and we really wanted to drive through more of the park before we had to turn back. We had run into a guy out near Glacier National Park that shoots (with a camera!) wildlife in Yellowstone and Glacier. He gave us great advice about where to stay in Yellowstone along with the best spots to see some serious wildlife. He explained that a lot of the animals come out later in the day when most of the people have gone back to their lodges.

As we were driving up a steep narrow road I saw more smokey fog like I’d seen down at the bottom of the springs. We decided to check it out. The view was worth the detour (and we did get to see the wildlife : )



(Above Image)

We started our 2nd day in Yellowstone with an 8 hour horseback ride through the Northeast part of the park. We rode for 8 hours and still were only able to see a small corner of the park. It takes about 2.5 hours to drive from the north to the south end.. its huge.

I took this image from “Bandit’s” saddle. Marissa is in the purple jacket on “Flop” up ahead. Our ride was the first ride of the season for the horses. It was also the first ride for one of the 2 trail guides. She was about Marissa’s age, just graduated from college and so nice. She’s working in Yellowstone for the entire summer. How amazing is that? She has no cubicle. Yellowstone is her office. I think that is just a dream come true. She seemed to know and appreciate this, which made me happy.

Bandit and Flop

(Above Image)

These horses were so sweet, I loved them. They were really funny together too! Bandit was a little temperamental, but manageable. Flop was hilarious and just wanted to eat everything as he trotted by.

Above images:

© Sarah McCay and A Lost Feather, 2010.

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6 Images from my NW Road Trip..

Where in the World?

Washington State:

-Rialto Beach, Forks (Olympic National Park)
-Forks, WA
-Port Angeles, WA

I think the Olympic Peninsula is greenest part of this country.. (sorry Vermont.) Everything looks gray because of the fog, but trust me, its green.


These are the first 6 images from my Road Trip. I was so excited to finally be on this adventure that I forgot I even owned a camera for the first couple of days. The most important thing I forgot to document was our breakfast at Mother’s in Portland. Best pancakes I’ve ever had. Ever.

Anyway.. Welcome to the rainiest place in the country (from what I understand).. the Olympic Peninsula.

Wandering Along Rialto Beach

(Above Image)

After our 4.5 hour drive from Portland to Forks, the first thing we did was attempt to check-in to our little hotel. That wasn’t an option yet, so the 2nd thing we did was drive down to Rialto Beach to hike. This worked out very well because it was raining when we got into Forks and we figured we could check-in, get settled and then go out to hike. We thought the rain might have let up while we were in our room. The thing is that in that area, the rain never lets up; we would have been waiting for nothing.

I don’t usually enjoy rain, but it seemed fitting in Forks, so I was happy.

Foggy Floating Island- Rialto Beach


(Above Image)

We had just enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at a cute little restaurant called Cafe Garden, in Port Angeles. Happy and well fed, we headed up this road to park the car by a trail head and do some hiking in another part of Olympic National Park. We were about 15 miles from the start of the trail when we reached this brick wall of fog.

The narrow mountain road wound its way up through the thick forest and.. we were scared. Marissa was driving and all I kept saying was “I can’t see anything..” realizing that this meant, neither could she! The fog was so thick that we could not even safely make a u-turn; there was no way to know if a car was coming from either direction until it was about 10 feet away.

The fog was only getting worse when we finally came across a small turnout on the side of the road. I was sad to have to turn back, but hiking in that fog would have been a bit too much for us. It is bear country after all.. I’d at least like to be able to see the danger.

Low Rolling Fog

Glistening Road

(Above Image)

When I took this shot I thought the glistening road, against the black trees and stormy sky, looked amazing. I had no idea what we were about to encounter..

When the fog Lifted

(Above Image)

All of a sudden the speed limit went from 65 mph to 25 and we had no idea why. We were now driving along a large body of water, but other than that, nothing had changed. Out of nowhere, the fog lifted and the sun broke brightly through the clouds to reveal this amazing scene.

The 25 mph speed limit immediately made sense as Marissa came to almost a complete stop in the middle of the road. We were so excited, it was like Christmas! After days without seeing any sign of the sun, I forgot what it was like and what I saw was incredibly beautiful. I don’t usually feel this way, but I don’t think a photograph is enough to reproduce what we saw.

We got out of the car to stand by the lake and stare for a while. By the time we continued on our way the fog had settled back in and the sun, along with the mountains, were hidden again.

If we were driving by that lake any earlier or later we might never have known what we were missing.

Above images:

© Sarah McCay and A Lost Feather, 2010.

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