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In the Clouds

Acrylic on Canvas

© Sarah McCay & A Lost Feather 2010

I was watching a show about Mt. Everest a few nights ago with Matt. I love to hike and climb things, but I’m pretty certain that Everest is not in my future. I would love to be in the foothills of the giant, but I think I’ll stay away from the summit. In any event, it is beautiful and inspired these 2 new paintings. It was so strange seeing the campsites in clouds- there was no distinct line where the ground ended and the sky began.



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Childhood Memories No. 5

© Sarah McCay and A Lost Feather, 2010.

Finally, a little boy to add to my Childhood Memories Series! I’m working on 2 more little boy silhouettes right now, but I wanted to post this one.. I have a hard time waiting to post things when I’m excited about them hehe

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5in x 5in watercolor


© Sarah McCay and A Lost Feather, 2010.

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I finally started putting an actual series together! I’ve had No.1 finished for a while now, but I think it looks lovely with 2 and 4.. I’m very excited about this collection : )

Acrylic on Wooden Plaques (With glitter in some cases)

Childhood Memories No. 1,2,4

© Sarah McCay and A Lost Feather, 2010.

This set is available for purchase in my Etsy Shop! Each one is available individually as well. I love the whimsical feel of these.. what do you think??

I’m going to be working on a few more memories for both little girls and boys. From all of my little cousins, I know that little boys love trains.. trains and buses. So, I know where I will start!

© Sarah McCay and A Lost Feather, 2010.

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Acrylic on 4in x 4in carved wooden circle

Vintage Kodak Duaflex

That’s my baby on the left- a 1952 Kodak Duaflex III. I got it on Ebay for $10.. best deal EVER. I love this vintage camera so I decided to paint a little portrait of her. So here she is on a piece of carved wood, ready to hang! The Vintage Kodak Duaflex will be part of a series of vintage camera paintings. I’m currently working on a 1977 Canon AE-1.

I love vintage and cameras and mini paintings!

Wooden Circle= 1"thick


© Sarah McCay and A Lost Feather, 2010.

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I made these coasters for Marissa’s new apartment today. I found little circles of thin wood and bought some sticky cork board to use on the back. It was actually pretty easy if anyone’s interested in making their own coasters!

NYC Coasters

Here they are all in a row..


I got the idea for these coasters while I was working on a mixed media piece that involved a map, stars, and the Manhattan skyline. A friend of mine ordered one for her friend’s birthday after seeing Project #11 of this blog (thank you, Kahle!)

Here is the new piece that I sent off to Colorado yesterday: (the frame is just for show, but it would look pretty cool in a frame like this, I think!)

Constellations Over Manhattan (2)

© Sarah McCay and A Lost Feather, 2010.

I think St. Louis, with the Gateway Arch, would make a pretty cool silhouette skyline.. hm, I may have to try that one…

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Acrylic on 16in x 20in canvas

"Storm at the Carnival"

© Sarah McCay and A Lost Feather, 2010.

This is an update on a project I started back in January. I just added some extra supports to the ferris wheel to make it look more realistic.

The original post for this project is here.

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