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Looong Weekend

Today is my first day off since September 26th! Yesterday was by far the most grueling day at work.. the Craft Fair. Here are some little shots of my table:

Well, my first Craft Fair is out of the way. I believe the next one will be in November! We’ll see.

For now I’m just going to sip this delicious coffee and wait for Matt to get back from golf so we can go apple picking! Apparently there was a delay on the course this morning due to frost. FROST. It’s not even November yet, go away frost! The frost better not disrupt my apples.

Maybe he’s playing golf in the mountains.. although I don’t want frost there either because that’s where we will be tomorrow!

I love this weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well!

(Oh, I guess I could watch football while I wait for him…. or not!)


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