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Hi everyone! I’m going to be moving my blog in a few weeks.. I’m busy preparing my new space! Thanks for reading and I’ll let you know when the move is complete! Until then I probably won’t have too much time to post new things, but my Etsy Shop will be in FULL ACTION as the holidays are coming (pretty quickly I might add.)

Happy November!

©Sarah McCay & A Lost Feather, 2010

This is a new line I’m working on! It’s an original acrylic painting on a wooden plaque, ready to hang. The plaque measures 6in in diameter by 1/2in thick. I’m going to be making plaques for a bunch of states and countries, but I am accepting custom orders right now if you want a state that I haven’t gotten to yet!

#6 Ride a Horse in Wyoming

6./100: Ride a horse in Wyoming

Meet Bandit and Flop, the beautiful horses that Marissa and I rode for 8 hours through Yellowstone National Park on June 6, 2010. Before that day it had been 2 years since I’d ridden and more like 9 or 10 years for Maris!

We were a little nervous at first because of the potential danger in the park.. grizzlies, moose, elk.. those things can spook the horses and send them running in all directions for miles. Of course I got the beauty named Bandit and Marissa took Flop. Their personalities fit their names perfectly. I had some incidents with Bandit.. bucking me a couple of times. Marissa’s biggest problem was that Flop kept slowing down to have a snack.

The ride was amazing. We got to see a part of the park that we definitely would not have seen otherwise. Yellowstone can be pretty crowded at all of the tourist hot spots, but in the back country, we were the only people for miles.. with our 2 wonderful tour guides and 2 fellow riders.

A pack mule came along on the trip and carried our lunch, snacks and water. I think her name was Olga or Helen, or something like that. Marissa do you remember the mule’s name? She was so funny! I liked that mule.

I miss Yellowstone.

100 Things

Does anyone else keep an ever-changing, ever-growing list of all the things they want to do in life?

I’m always losing the little scraps of paper that I keep my “100 Things” lists on, so I’m going to post them here on my blog for safekeeping.

I’m also going to play catchup on the “things” I’ve accomplished so far by posting a bit about each of those things…

100 Things (in no specific order)

1. See all 50 states

2. Road trip across the USA

3. Summit Mount Marcy in New York

4. Have coffee in Seattle

5. Road trip across Canada

6. Ride a horse in Wyoming

7. Ride a bike on the beach

8. Donate 10 inches of my hair

9. Drive a convertible

10. Start my own business

11. Sell a piece of artwork

12. Be commissioned for a piece of artwork

13. Open an Etsy Shop

14. Go on a trip in an RV

15. Camp on the Colorado River

16. Snowboard in Utah

17. Go behind the scenes at a NASCAR race

18. Graduate from College

19. Go to a drive-in movie

20. Go spelunking

21. Photograph wildlife in Yellowstone National Park

22. Buy Cowgirl boots in Arizona

23. Go to a winery in California

24. Go deep-sea fishing

25. Go kayaking

26. Bike 25 miles

27. Have potatoes in Idaho

28. Backpack around Europe

29. Be in 4 places at once (the 4 corners!)

30. Go to a College Basketball Game

31. Go to a ML Baseball game outside of NY

32. Go to a Yankee game

33. Go to a Giants game

34. Show my artwork in a gallery

35. Open a brick and mortar boutique dedicated to local art

36. Visit family in Ireland

37. Visit family in Colombia

38. Have lobster in Maine

39. Go hiking in Glacier National Park, Montana

40. Gamble in Las Vegas

41. Drive along Route 66 in New Mexico

42. Give someone directions in Manhattan (the right directions.. because I’ve definitely given people incorrect directions by mistake. I’m just as turned around there as someone from the other side of the world!)

43. Play 18 holes of golf

44. Witness Aurora Borealis

45. Go to a fashion show

46. Go hiking along the Oregon coast

47.  See a concert in the Grand Ole Oprey

48. Get married

49. Cruise to Mexico

50. Hike around the Grand Canyon

51. Drive over 100 mph

52. Touch Abe Lincoln’s nose for good luck (Lincoln Tomb memorial Springfield, IL)

53. Go to the top of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MS

54. Work in Corporate America

55. Quit my job in Corporate America

56. Go on an all day horseback ride through Yellowstone National Park

57. Be a Maid of Honor

58. Have southern BBQ in the south

59. Photograph star trails

60. Be the “featured seller” on Etsy

61. Go rock climbing

62. Have a baby

63. Hug a giant sequoia tree

64. Bake an apple pie

65. Go to the Big E!

66. Write a book

67. See The David

68. Learn to speak Spanish

69. Learn how to play the guitar (actually play it- not just play “Blackbird” over and over)

70. Ride a camel in the desert

71. Go parasailing

72. Go snorkeling

73. Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC

74. Go on a trip by myself

75. Be in a commercial

76. Learn to cook

77. Get a dachshund and name him Boo Radley

78. Ride a motorcycle (as a passenger totally count)

79. Stand at the highest point in each state

80. Complete a 365 photo project

81. Get 1000 sales on Etsy

82. Be a “morning person”

83. Go to a taping of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

84. Hike Breakneck Ridge in NY

85. Go hiking alone

86. Ride in a hot air balloon

87. Surprise someone

88. Take a cooking class

89. Visit Machu Picchu

90. See the Christmas tree in Manhattan

91. Visit 10 National Parks

92. Have a successful craft fair

93. Be featured in some sort of printed material

94. Own a house

95. Do a self portrait in public

96. Meet a famous person

97. Stay in a log cabin

98. Camp in Yosemite National Park

99. Visit a rain forest

100. Climb a mountain that’s over 10,000ft.

Boo in the Bath

I had to give Boo a bath today. He needed one pretty badly. He was pissed. He hates water and soap. Poor guy. He was so cute though!

I need to go on a trip. Thank gosh I’m going to Annapolis this weekend! I can’t wait. I really want to go on a road trip. A really long road trip with no end date in sight. That would be wonderful.

Fading Fast

© Sarah McCay & A Lost Feather, 2010

Days like this are fading fast.. I feel like winter is right around the corner. That means I need to book a flight to somewhere warm.. and fast. I love having vacations to look forward to…